Monday, 2 November 2015

T4 Wk4 - Maths - Rolo

Rolo kids,

On the right-hand side of the blog under 'Popular Sites' you will find a link 'Maths - Problem Solving'. Click on this.

On this site you need to scroll down to the table 'Other Problem-Solving Strategies'.

In the third column 'Primary 5', click on 'Logical Reasoning'.

Click the right-hand arrow twice as this is the problem we worked on yesterday during your rotation with me.

Your problem is problem #1. "Mrs Mark bought 20 apples.....".

Using the reciprocal process (follow the laminated card) you are to solve the problem.

Remember to look at each of the steps and record your answers on the table. It is ok if you work individually or break into small groups when you get to the SOLVE section. Be sure to regroup and share your answer/working.

The answer / one way to work this problem out is on the next slide. Be sure you look at this only AFTER you have solved it yourselves.

Please remember to complete the final step - Summarise. I look forward to seeing and hearing your thinking.

Good Luck!

Miss Potaka

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