Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Current Events - Term 4 Week 2

For Current Events this week you are to choose a WRITTEN news item.

With your partner you are to construct a summary of its main points. Think of the seven servants and ensure you answer these in your summary. 

Using De Bono's Red Thinking Hat (the feelings hat), you are to record your individual feelings about this article. It’s okay if you and your partner have different feelings towards the article.

Please remember to copy and paste the URL into your comment so people can be directed straight to the source.

The Herald

Kiwi Kids News

Te Karere

Dogo News


  1. Two Belgian men have come up with an idea that take fine dining to the next level. With the help of a giant crane customers at ‘dinner in the sky’ spend their meals suspended 55 metres above the ground. Over the past nine years guests in Las Vegas, Paris and Dubai have had the chance to experience a ‘sky high’ dining experience. A dining experience at dinner in the sky costs S300 per guest, which includes a limo ride to the resturant and a 3 or 4 course menu prepared by a local famous chef.

  2. A 4.9 magnitude earthquake hit Taranaki at 9:05am Thursday 22nd of October. This is where we found our information.
    Made by Courtney S and Shay L

  3. A 125 million year old fossil was found in central Spain.The creature weighed around 60-70 kg.It was the size of a Rat/Mouse.The creature was called Spinolestes Xenarthrous.It had big ears and a pointy face , with a fuzzy belly and short mane.I think people should make a museum with all the ancient dinosaurs and opened for the whole world to see, because I would really like to visit a museum full of dinosaurs.By-Faria

  4. Thursday 22nd October 2015
    On the 21st of October co-host of Story Heather du Plessis-Allan brought a .22 rifle from using a fake name, phone number and licence. Later the very same day Story received 2 phone calls both of the times no information was checked. A few hours later a parcel was delivered containing the gun, proving that there is a loophole in gun purchasing rules. But the Police Minister Michael Woodhouse says that's not the case.

    We think that the people selling fire arms should put more effort on granting permission at the time of application for their licence. Police Association President Greg O'Connor thinks mail ordering is making criminals access to guns way too easy as do we.

    Fifty-eight firearms have been seized from offenders by police in just the last seven weeks.

    Read more:

    I feel worried about this because it means that bad people can easily get their hands on any gun they want.

    By Shae Northfield and Lee-anne Nicholas