Sunday, 14 June 2015

Wetlands Discovery!

On Friday 12th June Rm36 and Rm37 travelled out to Carmichael Road Reserve.

Read below to find out about our PMI reflections.

Rm37 students you are to record the following;

P - Positive - something you enjoyed/found positive about our Wetlands Discovery
M - Minus - something you didn't enjoy about our Wetlands Discovery
I - Interesting - something you found interesting about our Wetlands Discovery

Remember to share WHY.


  1. P - I really enjoyed the water monitoring because we had the responsibility of following instructions and how we got to plant a tree because it was a different idea.

    M - I didn't like how It started to rain and how my Group didn't really work together.

    I - One thing l found interesting was that The Gordon Carmichael Reserve is one of the only wetlands in New Zealand that still exists.

  2. I enjoyed planting kahikatea trees and fining out that they are the trees that grow the tallest.
    Also enjoyed doing tests on the water to see if the waters clean or dirty.

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  4. P - I really liked discovering new thinks and exploring.

    M- I did not like the smell and the wet puddles....

    I - One thing that i found interesting was when i saw that little hut in the middle of the wetlands for some reason the hut had tools.

  5. It was a really fun day, i loved catching tadpoles and all of the other little creatures also when we saw the eel! I would definitely go back again