Monday, 15 June 2015

Dangerous Decibels!

Yesterday Toni taught us about hearing and how important it is to protect your hearing from a young age.

Rm37 students - you are to share AT LEAST 3 facts you can remember from yesterday.


  1. It was really fun learning about how we can damage our ears and how to protect them.
    My favourite part was when we used the tuning forks and saw how it produced sound energy.

  2. I remember the levels of volume that are bad and good. I remember playing with the tuning fork and the ping pong ball and the energy that sound makes. I remember playing with the pipe leaners and how they are like the things in your ears that if you listen to things to loudly they will bend and make you deaf and you cant fix it.

  3. 1 - l remember that Vibration causes sound, sound causes energy and energy causes noise.
    2 - l remember that when you damage the hair cells inside of your ear they do not grow back and you lose your hearing
    3 - I remember the 60/60 rule. You should only listen to music and 60% of your volume for 60 min/1 hour then you should have 60 min/1 hour without,

  4. Vibrations Make Sound,
    Sound Makes Energy,
    If somethings to loud and you stay by it all the time your corals in your ear will bend and you cannot fix it

  5. One thing I learnt in our sesion with toni was how loud sounds can effect our hearing. Another thing I learnt was what things that can effect our hearing if we stay around it to long and how loud it can be.