Monday, 18 May 2015

World War I - Tauranga to the Trenches Exhibition


  1. I learnt about what had happened in world war 1, and what different planes they flew to Gallipoli and other countries to win the war.

  2. We enjoyed the class trip to classic flyers and learning about the world war 1 and Gallipoli ( ANZAC cove )
    We also enjoyed the fact that we were able to explore the planes both inside and out.
    Our favourite part of the day was going up into the catalina and observing all the old machines and planes in the museum.

    Kiefer and Lauren

  3. Our favourite part of the exhibition was seeing what they used in war, like the big blue plane up stairs that could land on water like a boat. In the plane our favourite part was the engineer seat, and the pilot seat. The engineer seat was really cool, because it had lots of button and you could swing your legs down, and scare the kids bellow.
    The pilot seat was also really cool because you could actually feel like you were driving it, although you could not drive for real, it was an really good experience to see all the different war things.

    By Anna Smith, Clara Codeco and Shae Northfield !!!