Sunday, 17 May 2015

Rm37's Favourite Quotes, Sayings and Words of Wisdom!

A task for you - you are to share your favourite quote, an inspirational saying or some wise words of wisdom. 

To successfully complete this task you will need to:
1) Record/insert an image that has your quote on it
2) Share why this quote is special to you
3) If known, the authors name and a little bit about them. Who they are, where they live, what their occupation is, when they were born/passed.

Hopefully we will be able to get some of these displayed around our classroom walls! KP

Here's an example..

This is one of my favourite quotes because it address' the fact that if we as people can learn to dislike one another for their gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs and/or personal likes and dislikes, then we can also learn to like and respect them for the qualities that make them different to ourselves.
Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 and sadly passed late last year at the age of 95. Mandela did a lot in his time, including spending 27 of his years in jail and serving as the first black chief executive that was elected for Presidency of South Africa (1994-1999). He stood for peace and harmony and because of this he was often described as 'the father of the nation'.

Kiefer Davies
i like the attitude quote because it shows that i have a personality that no one can handle.
life goes on quote because it shows that if something goes wrong, life goes on to and to put the past behind you.

Lennex Takitaki
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because im christian and its funny.

Faria Khan
I like this quote because, it tells you to treat everyone the same no matter who they are. By-Albert Einstein

Shay Little
It is important to me because when I worry about something that means a lot to me I can't get out of my head, so when someone says Hakuna Matata to me I know what they mean straight away and it means drop your worries!   

Know matter who you are or what has happened to you in the past everyone is the same and everyone is going through exactly the same thing as you, we are all in this together!

This is important to me because it's true we are all in this together no matter how much you don't want to be in it.

Courtney Smith
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It is important to me because it means you have to believe in yourself and don't doubt yourself.

Brook Mason
I like it because it is cool

Lauren Beekie
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this is my favourite quote because it is true,it has happened to me before with a very close friend and we are no longer close or friends.

Clara Codeco
 I chose this one because i think we should be good to everyone no matter what. 
 BE kind .
 BE good.
 BE better than you're expected.

Malachi Murray
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because it involves parkour 

Oceana Butler-Tukiwaho
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You should not judge a person of what their done without knowing their reason to do it.
Saschk Winter
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This is Jesse from Fast And Furious one and this is what he says,
I like it because he names lots of aftermarket car parts and he is my favourite character in the movie.

Blake Griffiths

​I like this cause its true!

Johnny Cooksley

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this is what i do when my computer freezes and i get frustrated

Shae Northfield
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I like this quote because it reminds me that I have best friends who I can have the best of fun with !!!

Prabjit Kaur

it is important to keep trying new thing  never give up and if you make mistakes just make shothat that you do repeted that

Sione Kata
i like this quote because id really
like rapping since i was 5 yrs old
and also rapping is good poetry

Logan Emery

i choose this quote because its funny and it’s so true

Ratama Aranui

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I choose this quote becuse it reminded me of my childhood. And i also like the fact that life is a test ....

Anna Smith
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you only live once so try your best the first time 

Caleb Pulevaka

​I choose this because it is real and people are watching people die.

Gareth Chevis
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because  its so true

Daniel Kereti

​I liked this quote because its funny and true.

Ethan Greer

​Because it cool a cool quotes

Seungkwan Kim

I Choose This Quote Because I Hate Mondays

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