Thursday, 12 March 2015

Rm37's Whanau Tree

Welcome to Rm37, Rata House's Blog!!

 Here is where YOU will be able to learn about OUR learning and the activities that we engage in to enhance this learning. 

This is our Rm37 Family Tree. You may ask why it is black? Black is who we are! Rata House Raiders! We are proud to be black and proud to be a part of the Swift and Deadly Team!

Each leaf on our Rm37 Whanau Tree represents who we are as a individuals. They contain our name, and things that are important to us including our family members, friends favourite foods, sports and other interests that we have. 

Although we are all different and unique as individuals - we are looking forward to conquering the world as one! This year is our TIME TO BE MORE AWESOME!!

We look forward to sharing our year with you and hearing from our visitors.

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